Photography for All in Steyning West Sussex


This page lists the programme of practical and tuition-based workshops we organise alongside the main programme.

Please note that if you wish to attend a workshop(s) there is a need to ‘Sign Up’ on the appropriate workshop sheet(s) that can be found in a folder on the information table at club meetings; or by contacting the Programme Secretary.

When What’s Happening
25 Sep 2017 New Members evening – How we do things

An informal, relaxed “getting to know you” evening to brief new members on competitions, standards, submission methods, print mounting, FFP  submission, overview of external competitions, etc. Good chance for informal questions and chat. As it’s taking place in one of the back rooms of the hall, and we have quite a few new members (at […]

30 Oct 2017 Workshop – Print Preparation and Mounting

Print mounting, with demonstrations and advice from Gail Bell, Mike Warren and anybody else who can assist. This will be in the larger back room of the UBVH.

27 Nov 2017 Workshop – Preparing Images for Competition

(Change of subject) Some Advice on Editing – Sharpening, Saturation, Contrast. Annoying, isn’t it? You do well in club competitions but find your images aren’t selected for external events. Are the selectors seeing problems that you hadn’t noticed? That’s very often the case. The Selection Committee have to look very carefully at prints and PDIs […]

17 Feb 2018 All Day Workshop – Mastering Flash, with Terry Hewlett ARPS

Practical Session – Saturday 17th February 2018 The day will take you through the use of speedlights both on and off camera, looking at lighting modifiers, control and balance of multiple lighting sets. The session will complete with a lighting setup orientated towards the genre of Film Noir, playing with the shadows and lighting angles. […]

26 Feb 2018 Monthly Workshop – Family Photography – Part One

First of two workshops given by local studio portrait and family photographer Becky Holdstock. These are practical evenings but do NOT include ‘serious’ (or expensive) studio lighting techniques. Part Two on 26th March. There will be a ‘sign-up’ sheet for these two workshops, as we will be using the large back room of the hall.

26 Mar 2018 Monthly Workshop – Family Photography – Part 2

Becky Holdstock returns with more advice on how to get great pictures of the family, in-laws and outlaws. Sign-up will be required.