Photography for All in Steyning West Sussex

External Events

This page lists external events and field trips that may be of interest to club members, such as exhibitions, salons and other local happenings. Some will have a designated Steyning CC leader, meaning that a group from the club will definitely be attending the event. Please contact that group leader for details.

When What’s Happening
05 Dec 2017 Mix and Match Competition, with Worthing and Southwick

Annual fun competition – one of these days somebody will write the rules down but, in brief, one team puts a picture (PDI) on screen and the other two teams have to ‘match’ it, as closely as possible, in terms of subject, colour or some other connection that the challenging team have invented. Scores are […]

25 Dec 2017 Christmas Day!

More importantly for us photographers, Boxing Day on the 26th…… that’s the day you get out of the house and try out all the new photo gear you received for Christmas (but weren’t allowed to do anything more than take off the wrapping). Errrr….. you did get some photographic gear for Christmas? You did send […]