Photography for All in Steyning West Sussex

External Competitions

Steyning Camera Club participates in a number of competitions each year, organised by our Federations and in collaboration with other clubs. The keys ones are listed below.

The Club will accept any photographs entered into internal competitions to be considered to represent the club at these competitions. If you have an image that has scored well or that you believe merits consideration for selection, then please do submit them. The competition secretaries might also request an image from you. There is no obligation in either case, but it is an honour to see your image up against high-quality competition from around the region.

Sussex Photographic Federation

SxPF runs two competitions, one for Projected Digital Images (PDI) in November and one for Prints in March. This competition is open to more than twenty affiliated clubs across the whole of Sussex.

Regnum Crouch Group

The Regnum Crouch Group is a smaller group of clubs in West Sussex, which organises two similar competitions: a Print competition in November and a Projected Digital Image (PDI) competition in March.

Southern Counties Photographic Federation

SCPF is our regional federation. We enter two competitions: the PDI League and the Championship

  • The PDI League comprises several divisions of seven clubs. Eight images from each club are appraised several times over a season by different judges at evenings hosted by each club.
  • The Championships are separate print and PDI competitions held in a single event. The competitions are marked by three judges. It is open to all member clubs across the Southern Counties area and has a small-clubs section. The Club generally enters the PDI competition, but rarely enters the Print competition unless the event is held locally.