Photography for All in Steyning West Sussex

Competition Online Entry

Entry to Steyning Camera Club competitions – both PDI and Print (the PDI version of your print) – must now be completed online via Film Free ProjectionFFP.

Use the button link below to take you to the Competition Entry system. You will need to register with FFP  – See Getting Started, below.

FFP Online Entry System

User Instructions

  1. At the FFP Login screen, enter your Username and password.
  2. When successfully logged in, you will see a dropdown list of available competitions. Select the competition you wish to enter.
  3. At the entry screen for that competition, click the Browse button to select images from your computer. Select one at a time – the screen will tell you how many entries are required and whether or not each entry requires a title.
  4. When you have uploaded the required number of images with titles, click the “Email Entries to Projectionist” button. You will be warned if any information is missing.
  5. It will take several seconds to format and send the email. Wait for the Email Confirmation dialog to appear to confirm that the email has been sent.
  6. You can then select Log off or Home, which will return you to the Club website.

Image Sizing and Format

The club Projected Image Guidelines for competition require pixel dimensions of maximum 1920×1200 (max 1920 px wide and / or 1200 px high). The FFP Entry System will resize images for you to these pixel dimensions. However please note the following:

  1. If you upload an image smaller than the maximum pixel dimensions, your image will not be upsized.
  2. If you prefer to keep full control, or if you wish to minimise upload time, then please optimise images yourself to the correct pixel dimensions prior to upload.
  3. The system will not check file format. Your images must be in .jpg format.
  4. Your image filenames must still be in accordance with the Projected Image Guidelines

Getting Started – Your Account with FFP

  1. To use the FFP system for the first time, use the button above to take you to the Login screen, which is titled “Steyning Camera Club Competition Entry“. Below the heading is a Register button next to a Home Page button, which will return you here. Click Register
  2. On the Registration screen, complete your details on the form:
    • Username – the username you wish to use
    • Your full name
    • Your email address
    • A Password – you are advised to make this password STRONG i.e. at least 8 characters, containing a mix of capitals and lower case letters and at least one number of special character – Make your password SECURE and MEMORABLE.
  3. Click Create User
  4. You will now see the Entry screen with the dropdown list of available competitions

System FAQ

  1. Where do my images go when I upload them. I’m concerned about system security.
    A: Images are stored on the FFP server for only as long as it takes to format an email to our Competition Secretary and to attach them. They are then deleted. The system is no less secure than sending images by email yourself.
  2. Who do I contact if there is a problem?
    A: Whilst we are syetm proving please contact either Ken Scott (webmaster@) or Malcolm Bull (digital@)