Photography for All in Steyning West Sussex

Steyning Camera Club Congratulates Michael Palmer ARPS

Our congratulations go to Michael Palmer who has had two images commended and included in this year’s highly prestigious LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR coffee table book.  One of them, London Infinity, is part of the exhibition in print form whilst the other, Littlehampton Striders, is included in a PDI presentation.  The exhibition is now open at Waterloo Station until February 4th 2018 after which it will tour the country.

London Infinity

Michael said “On one of my many photo-trips to London, my favourite city, I spotted this unique glass and metal structure.  I was mesmerized by the light and reflections of the beautiful sky given off by this wall.  It had an ethereal feel and reminded me of one of those infinity pools that are often featured in exoctic holiday brochures and ads.  It is easy to be drawn into its abstractness only to be met by ‘the box’! I really have no idea what it is, but that is OK as it adds to the mystery of this image, it gives an extra edge”.



The Littlehampton Striders

Michael said “Littlehampton is my local beach and promenade and I have photographed it in all conditions and seasons.  The winter months are my favourite due to the almost total lack of people.  Looking for something different I got ‘down and dirty’ under the (reputedly) longest bench in Britain and managed to get two walkers striding by – beautifully framed by it.  Converting it to monochrome added a little dram to an otherwise fairly flat January scene”.