Photography for All in Steyning West Sussex

Adrian Dennis – Sports Photographer – 27th November 2017

You can imagine that Sports Photographers are difficult to tie down to dates, as they spend half their lives jetting around the world. Well…. one of the finest – Adrian Dennis – is able to come and see us on Monday 27th November (in place of the previously arranged Workshop, which I hope we can run on another occasion).

A brief look at Adrian’s website tells you how (and why) he is a multi-award-winning photographer who has been to just about every major sporting event there is in the world. This is, without doubt, a major “coup” for the club – so I expect his pictures will be a major “coo” for you. (See what I did there? Quality pun, eh?)

I’ve invited the local clubs and alerted Sonia of the SxPF, so I expect we’ll have a few visitors. Please get involved (as usual) in making them welcome.

An athlete competes in the pole vault qualifying event of the men’s decathlon during the 2009 IAAF Athletics World Championships on August 20, 2009 in Berlin. AFP PHOTO / ADRIAN DENNIS