Photography for All in Steyning West Sussex

Flash Photography – a Saturday Workshop

UPDATED! (14 Sep 2017)

There will be a ‘whole day’ workshop covering the techniques of Flash Photography and Film Noir Lighting on Saturday 17th February 2018, from around 10.00 to 16.15. It will take place in the main hall of the Upper Beeding Village Hall (our usual venue) and will be presented by Terry Hewlett ARPS, who gives these talks to a lot of the RPS Group and other camera clubs around the south. I will be asking for names in a few weeks – not for people to make a commitment, but to state an interest for now. It will also be advertised to members of local clubs and we aim to get about 40 or more in attendance. We will, of course, be needing some helpers (for refreshments, ‘front of house’, technical). More details are now in the Programme for February.

Operating rather in the dark (geddit?) with the number of participants unknown, the cost per person is based on a two-tier level of involvement…..

a. a fee of £17 for the maximum of 16 active, camera-wielding people who are feeling flashy and want to do the practical things, and

b. a fee of £12 for the passive, note-taking, non-active audience.

They are the targets – but if we fall short on numbers I may have to ask for another small supplement, to cover hall costs. However, nobody wants to cancel the event due to lack of interest – we would still have to pay the presenter and possibly for the hall hire.

There will be a quite short lunch-break of around 40 minutes, and participants are invited to bring their own nose-bags. If you’re really quick, the chippy around the corner is a possibility.

Further details will be given to participants once fees have been paid and numbers confirmed. Nobody needs to bring any flash equipment or triggers, or reflectors etc. – Those who are Active participants should bring cameras – no others are necessary.

I am inviting Steyning Camera Club members first, before throwing the event open to members of local clubs. So….. please let me know, by email, if you are not just ‘interested’ but have made a definite decision to attend – and in which group (Active or Passive) you would like to belong. Please also put the phrase “Flash Workshop” as the subject (then I can find all the names and emails easily). Once the 16 Active places have been taken, only the passive places will remain….. and that number would be limited only by the number of seats, up to around 50. When it’s time to pay (in advance) I can take only cash or cheque (I haven’t got a card reading wotsit).